Full Region Covenant

Studmeister Virtual Entertainment – Covenant Full Sims
This sim comes with FULL estate manager rights and has NO COVENANT RULES.
You can do on it whatever you want as long as you respect the T.O.S.

Buying the land of the sim and paying the tier associated with it makes you the owner of this sim.
Owners may resell and sub-rent land.

- Monitor script usage, collissions and lag.
- Restart your sim when needed.
- Write your own covenant: your sim, your rules!
- Reselling and reclaiming of land allowed.
- Change the rating of the sim into general, moderate or adult.
- Up to 7 Estate Managers.
- Send messages to all users on a sim via a popup notification.
- Enable/disable land resell, land divide, fly, terraforming, pushing, scripts, collissions, physics, voice, direct TP, …
- Change the elevation ranges and terrain textures of the sim into grass, beach, snow, …
- Change the object bonus, default water height and sun settings.
- Return all scripted and/or non scipted objects of one user from the sim.
- Allow/block public or group access.
- Ban users estate wide.
- Ability to contact Linden Labs directly to file offline region tickets.
- …, …, …

1. On putting a sim up for sale, the weekly or monthly tier associated with ownership of the sim must be explicitly mentioned in the description field under ‘About Land’.
2. In case tier payment is overdue, the sim can not be put up for sale under any circumstances.
3. Within 24 hours after the sale of your sim, you are required to IM one of our staff members to let us know the buyer’s name so that we can proceed with tier collection from the buyer.

WARNING: Any sim found to be up for sale, while violating rule 2, will be reclaimed immediately without any prior notice or compensation whatsoever.

We have no control over system updates, down times, bugs or grid outages. As a result, you may or may not be compensated to make up for such inconveniences.

Payments of your tier are only made at our website, or at the rental center on Studmeister Virtual Entertainment Region. If Payment is not made within 48 hours of the expiriation of your rental period, your land maybe reclaimed and resold.

NEVER should anyone ask you to pay the tier on his behalf. It may be possible that a member of the Studmeister Virtual Entertainment Rentals staff asks you to pay past due amounts, but those payments will always be made to us in our sales office and/or via PayPal.

It is the property owners responsibility to know his/her due date and pay on time without reminders.

If you ever have a problem to pay your tier on time then contact one of our staff members to work on a solution.


Studmeister Virtual Entertainment estate managers have the right to visit any parcel to check covenant violations or the region performance.

All sales are final. The tenant may terminate the agreement at any time. A refund will not be given for any time remaining on the tenancy.

We reserve the right to consider an empty or near empty parcel abandoned if it has less than 3 days of tier left and there is no response from the land owner or otherwise stated to be used for prim usage or building purposes.

We have the right to reclaim land for non payment or non compliance of any of the terms of this covenant.

Land is provided as is to residents. We try our best to provide a pleasant experience that is in line with the expectations of our customers. However we can not guarantee a certain look, theme, frame rate, location of the region on the map or any other specific region settings.

Above all we want you to have a pleasurable experience on Studmeister Virtual Entertainment and we will work hard to ensure it is so.

Enjoy your stay!
Studmeister Virtual Entertainment

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