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New Purchase of Full Regions in Inworldz
You may rent one of these through us, by clicking the PayPal Link below. This price is for 1 month's rental. There is no Covenant related to these purchases, and you will receive full Estate Management Rights within 24 hours after purchase. You will be charged the base Inworldz Fee, plus $25 USD to cover any other fees, each month. These prices are not negotiable. Currently set at $75 + $25 = $100 per month. Subject to change without notice!
Region Name
IW Avatar Name

Land Rental Subscriptions (Monthly Or Annually Only, Quarter Sim and up!)

Please read the covenant associated with your parcel. It is binding in all proceedings in PayPal, and is a legally binding contract. It is not subject to any Landlord Tenant Acts in any of the 50 States and/or The District of Columbia, as it is not "Real" property.

For all Full Sim purchases, a full months payment must be received prior to setup. For all Full Sim Purchases, please allow 5 working days. Working days are Monday through Friday, and do not include the day you purchase. or Any US Federal and/or State Holiday. Sky Boxes are not able to paid through this website at this time. Sorry.

Land Size Sq Meters Per Month PayPal Residential Covenant
Full Sim 65536  $100
Land Tier
Inworldz Avatar Name
IWURL location

Residential Covenant

Half Sim 32768  $ 50 Commercial Covenant
Quarter Sim16384  $ 25
Commercial Covenant
Annual Tier Payment Per Year Mixed Use Covenant
Full Sim 65536 $1,200
Half Sim 32768 $600 Mixed Residential/Commercial Covenant
Quarter Sim 16384 $300 Full Region Covenant
Monthly Rentals = 28 Calendar Days, and begin on date of payment received and cleared.