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Here is a bunch of things that I have made, or modified. Please make sure to check the license column in the table next to the item you wish to download, as these licenses will be followed. I am based in the United States, and therefore, all items may be subjected to appropriate action, should the appropriate licenses be violated.

Item Picture Item Name Download Link License
2 Story Cottage based upon Cottage originally by Linda Kellie Hanson, modified by Studmeister Studley (Inworldz), Studmeister Resident (Second Life) NONE
This is a whole region design, specifically for OSgrid, personally hosted regions. It is an old build, and part of it came from another person's build. Please Enjoy. Naval Station OAR NONE
This is a mall designed to fit on a quarter sim (16,384 Square Meters). This is a Large Prim building (meaning High Prim Count), containing over 800 prims. This may not be sold, and is licensed under Creative Commons Attrubution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike. 104x80 8320Sqm Each Level Total Area 33280 Square Meters on a 1/4 sim footprint! Included in the Zip File are the following upload options these are the entire build, and their textures! XML OXP OBJ DAE. This build is currently back up, and has been verified as the proper item. I am sorry for any inconvience that this caused.

This has now been corrected and verified in SL, Inworldz and my own testing grid, as the correct item, and working properly.

Shopping Mall with Parking Lot

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